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Sunny Atlantic Beach Club

what: Long Island’s best Beach Club
why: Three-and-a-half acres of “Fun in the Sun” offer up swimming, sunning, volleyball and food in a family-friendly environment. Hundreds of loyal members have been part of Sunny Atlantic for a quarter century! Since we opened in 1981 memories and joy have passed down from generation to generation of beach-goers.

The Law Offices
of Joseph Soffer

stout marketing designs legal website
about the law offices web page
Stout Marketing designs legal page
contact web page
what: Family and Matrimonial Law Experts
why: There are a million moving pieces in family and matrimonial law. Experience guidance is a big plus in keeping stress under control.

That’s why we were glad to redesign this website, produce video content and relaunch highlighting the benefits that come with knowledgeable representation.

elite painting services plus

what: Interior, Exterior and Commercial Paint Contractors

This team loves standards but looks to surpass them. The Elite System maintains an unusually clean environment. It’s achieved through the use of Air Scrubbers and sanding machines that draw in and collect dust via built in mini-vacs.

what: Actor website
why: Last year, even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t find Our work, combined with great input from the client, yielded heaps of real-estate on the first page of a Google search.

Taking the initiative this actor worked with us to reevaluate who he is and what he has to offer, defining and streamlining Keith as a brand. The approach clarified his strong self-image and fueled us to publicize his message crisply.