Free ways to Market your Business

#2: Email Signatures


Email signatures are an old chestnut. It’s possible you’re already using one. If you are, is it being used to its fullest potential?

Try thinking beyond the “list mentality.” Using your contact info is a good start but showing a little personality piques reader’s interest. It differentiates you and your business from the crowd of competitors filling up anyone’s inbox.

Content provider Lifewire asserts that the average office worker receives 121 emails daily. Stand out and be memorable by using a statistic or talking point in your email signature.

Is your business the largest producer of donuts in the state? Put it down. Is a large share of your workforce comprised of veterans? Let people know. If your business has won an award or distinguished itself in some way shout it from the mountaintops (or at least the email signature).

Other ways to add spice to your email signatureemail2

A photo

A photo is worth considering too. One of you or your product or your shop might work well.

Use an avatar

There are lots of places online to create them. Here’s one from Google Chrome.

Promote and upcoming event

If your big show or fall festival are coming down the pike show your pride and let people know.

Link to an article

It’s likely the audience you’re emailing are in your industry. Share a terrific article on that topic. Smart people will be interested and thankful.

Social media icons

Don’t forget your other platforms. “Join us on…” is a helpful reminder that your business is active in the world.

There are 3.9 billion active email users in the world. That’s a big audience. Why wouldn’t you want to add a little spice to your signature and stick out to some of those individuals as a creative place to work with? It’s not only good marketing it’s good business.