Free ways to Market your Business

#1: Brand Advocacy 

Ya gotta love Michael Jordan. He could perform miracles yet his suggestion is “Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”

The economy is a challenge. The Coronavirus… well you know. Getting back to basics—or fundamentals—can put your house in order when we need it most. Additionally, many of these basics are free. Starting today, Stout Marketing will blog about free tools that are good for small business marketing. That’s pretty fundamental. Michael will be pleased and so will you.

Let’s get started.

Brand Advocacy

No one is a better advertisement for your business than you. Positivity is contagious. We suggest you use that to your advantage. Running a business is hard and there can be a number of things to complain about — don’t. The grousing slips out, I know. We all have to be careful not to go there but we do.

Marketing and Design for Small Business - Brand Advocacy

Taxes too high? Staffing issues? It happens to all of us but confide in your confidants and leave it behind with current and future customers. Marketing just like every other kind of business is about problem solving not sharing. So keep it positive. There’s no need to lie. Somewhere in your day or your client’s is a silver lining. Build from there.

This is not a pep talk. It’s simply good business. And it will help not only your work but your mood and productivity. Be a brand advocate. It’s a good move in marketing your shop.

Another thing to keep in mind is a positive intro or “elevator pitch.” If you’re given the spotlight to introduce your business be ready. So many entrepreneurs stand up and give a laundry list. “Um… we do some of this… and these three things… and that. Let me know if you’re interested.” Heck no! Leave the lists for laundry or shopping. When you stand up to introduce yourself be ready with an engaging mini-narrative that tells the world why your business is special and why you love it so much.

It’s common sense yes? You don’t need a marketing agency to tell you people won’t be positive about your offerings unless you are. Brand advocacy. It’s a real thing. It’s a powerful tool and it’s absolutely free.