Get Narrow

Get Narrow

Pastrami King.” Now that’s a name! Not “Sandwich Shop.” Not “Deli.” Not “Sam’s Restaurant.” These guys have removed ambiguity from their brand and given the world clear-cut insight into what they do better than anyone else. That focus is good marketing and an opportunity for them to keep their eyes on the ball. It’s also great for hungry consumers. If you want Pastrami, where else would you go?

As small business owners, we’re often scurrying to juggle the many balls we have in the air. Lots of us are naturally competitive. Being the best at every aspect of our business is important. God knows the call to be “number one” is everywhere in our corner of the world.

That’s why we often see clients vying to be “all things to all people.” Our hardest sell is never “hire us.” It’s “get narrow.” Shops want to be the smartest, the fastest and the nicest place in town to win business. It’s a natural impulse but not the most effective. Pick one and pull away from the pack by narrowing your focus. Delve into the single most important feature your shop has to offer. Let others be the “best.” You be,

Dependable (“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”)

The Clearest (“Can you hear me now?”)

Childlike (“Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids”)

Lots of marketers refer to this as a “unique selling proposition.” Others call it “differentiation.” It takes courage not to get swayed by competitor’s claims that they’re “the best” but consumers define quality in a variety of ways. Make it easy for them — and for your brand — by specializing in one important service and sticking to it. Stay the course. Own that space. Be a “Pastrami King.”

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein