Boost SEO the Old-Fashioned Way!

Pencils for Stout Blog

Clients worry about Search Engine Optimization a lot. Digital agencies jump on that fear like a dog jumps on a bone. Many claim they can move small businesses up in the Google listings quickly. Some promise “the first page of Google” to anyone who signs up.

Do they have the magic sauce? No. You know why? There is no magic. Google has at least 200 criteria for ranking websites and cheaters are often punished. If Google feels your tactics are “black-hat SEO” they’ll bury your listing. When that happens, no one finds your website. Revenue suffers. Think twice before letting anyone take “short cuts” to success! “Slow and steady wins the race.”

SEO may seem like an ultra-modern, ungraspable mystery but it doesn’t have to be. Good practitioners of Search Engine Optimization – and there are many – will tell you that content drives rankings. So does an overall good user experience.

Those are the same age-old techniques employed by Shakespeare’s Globe Theater 400 years ago. They will drive attendance for you the way it did for them. It’s not a new concept. Make it engaging. Make it informative. People will come.

Romans knew how to drive traffic to the colosseum with content. Egyptian story tellers filled rooms with it. Yes, there are digital optimizations and coding concepts that add to the mix but start with good old-fashioned content. Relevant, interesting reads and short, engaging video help consumers find you. That’s a big part of being a small business marketing firm. It also motivates smiles from the search engines gods. Try some keyword-rich blogs and advisory articles.

Illusive tech and fear of “missing out” drives a great deal of angst on the topic of being found on the Internet. No need to pull your hair out. Produce engaging communication to boost SEO for your business and know that satisfying results takes time and hard work. And that’s yet another old-fashioned thing about Search Engine Optimization.