5 Great Reasons for using a Marketing Pro

A huge complaint we hear from small business owners is how busy they are. There’s a real need to save time. No argument. Running your own shop takes buckets of time and energy. It’s important to wear a lot of hats but do you need to wear all of them? Good marketing may be a “feather in your cap” but most smtoolall business owners should keep the feather and ditch the cap.

Here’s just 5 reasons why hiring a professional works to grow your business and shave hours off your day.

1. Time

Marketing pros take jobs off your hands. That saves you time. Time equals money. By lettingĀ them do what they do, you can tackle the nuts and bolts of leading the business.

2. Experience

A good marketer has seen what works and what doesn’t. They engage with many businesses so you benefit from the success and failures of other shops. That’s worth a lot.

3. Analytics

TV shows portray marketing as slick, Hollywood magic. The truth is good marketers spend lots of time crunching numbers. We get good at it. Data drives most of our recommendations because those insights help your business. That’s how we make our living. We have egos. No one ever walked taller saying “I failed to help my client.”

4. Singularity

It’s terrific that your cousin knows how to use a website maker. Those programs work off of templates. Even if it manages to look good it’s going to be just like the thousands of other websites that use that template. Differentiating your business is the life blood of commerce. Don’t look like your competitors.

5. They’re Free

Ok maybe not but if promoting your business increases interest from past, present or future customers, isn’t that worth it? What is the value of getting your visual, verbal and written communication in order? And ask cuz inquiries really are free.

Find a good marketing partner, save time and relieve stress while growing your business. Or, at least check it out. It could pay for itself.

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